CEO’s Message

Monarch Steel which has been owned by my family for the past 30 years has been a significant contributor to the industrial growth of Cleveland since 1934. From humble beginnings on E. 93rd Street, we have grown into a significant regional steel distributor in both the North Central and South/Southeastern United States.

Our modern day transformation of Monarch Steel began in 1998, with the building of our 175,000 square foot greenfield site on what is now the Nucor-Decatur Campus. As an early adopter of the Campus marketing strategy, supported with significant investment in the broadest steel processing capability in the region, Monarch Steel has been and continues to be a pillar of support for the growth of our metal manufacturing customers in the South and Southeastern United States. This continuous support of customer growth over the past two decades is a great source of personal pride for me, but one that I can assure you will never be taken for granted.

Building off our southern expansion success, we greatly enhanced our North Central steel distribution position with the acquisition of our current production facility in Cleveland in 2006. This facility encompassing 110,000 square feet of manufacturing space easily supports our two high volume slitting lines plus giving us ample room for future growth opportunities. The benefits of our Cleveland investment have been numerous, but in particular I am pleased how our diverse geographical processing capability has become an important link in many customer supply chains having multiple plant locations throughout the north and south.

Although I am very proud of our heritage, I am most excited about the ground work we are laying for our future. Today we are investing in our people, processes and technology to ensure we are in the best position to earn your business every day. With this being our current focus at Monarch Steel, I am confident it will pay significant dividends not only for our customers but, also for our employees, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

So, if you are a current customer of ours I express to you my deepest gratitude, and if you are not, I encourage you to give us a try. When you do, I believe you will like what you find.

Josh Kaufman